Matt Roberts, Founder & Director

Matt Roberts

Founder & Director

  • Specialities: Weight Loss
  • Experience: 20+ years

Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education and has been involved within the industry for over 23 years; as a gym instructor, gym manager and a leading Personal Trainer in commercial gyms in Melbourne.

Matt has acquired a wealth of knowledge over this period both in terms of exercise physiology and exercise prescription but more importantly in understanding human beings physically, mentally, and emotionally

From this, Matt has created a specialised weight-loss program with huge success, “No Excuses 30 Day Challenge.” The program is currently in its 4th year and it just grows from strength to strength.The program has literally transformed hundreds of lives and Matt sees it’s his mission in life to help educate and inspire people to lead healthier, happier lives.

Marco Serruto

Personal Trainer

  • Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning
  • Experience: 3+ years

Marco graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2014 and is currently undertaking a  Masters of High Performance Sport at ACU. He has volunteered at several VFL football clubs within the strength and conditioning and sports science fields to further his knowledge.

Most recently, he has made the transition to an NPL Victoria Soccer Club and has been engaged to run the pre-season/ in-season strength and conditioning program for the senior players. Over the past two years he has gained experience and knowledge working as a personal trainer working within a commercial gym training clients of all ages and abilities.

Marco has been playing football for over 10 years at the West Coburg Football Club.  He was also an avid cricketer and met Matt a number of years ago as a junior when he played cricket at West Coburg Cricket Club.

Marco is professional and with his latest cutting edge training techniques learnt at both his masters course and practical work placements makes him a valued addition to the Max Results team.


Dene Rodger

Personal Trainer

  • Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning
  • Experience: 5+ years

Dene was studying business at Uni and soon realized it simply wasn’t for him. Growing up he has always had a love of football, cricket and pretty much anything involving sport. He followed his passion and enrolled and graduated with a Bachelor of Sports Science in 2015 at VU, and is currently in the final stages of completing his Masters of Strength and Conditioning at ECU.Dene’s real passion lies in strength and conditioning and has spent the past three seasons as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach with Richmond’s VFL team.

Always looking to upskill and develop professionally he has joined the North Melbourne VFL team as a strength and conditioning coach this season.

Being in these elite environments has made Dene a fantastic addition to the Max Results team. He is literally at the cutting edge of training and has introduced in a short time many new training protocols and with such a friendly, outgoing nature he has quickly become very popular amongst our members.


Ann Moore

Personal Trainer

  • Specialities: Exercise Physiologist
  • Experience: 5+ years

Ann has studied a Diploma in Exercise Science and went on to complete a Masters in Clinical ExerciseScience and Rehabilitation. Since graduating, she has been practicing as an ESSA accredited ExercisePhysiologist in private practice helping people better manage their chronic disease through exercise.

Ann is a perfect addition to the Max Results team as her gentle, patient nature is ideally suited whensupplemented with her skills and knowledge to help people committed to achieve their health andfitness goals, particularly those starting out on their journey.

With her background in Exercise Physiology, she believes in taking a practical approach to trainingwith an emphasis on educating people about safe and effective exercise for their individual needs.Outside of the clinic environment Ann works as a trainer at a football club and as an Austswiminstructor where she enjoys teaching kids and adults to swim.


Jackson Cooper

Personal Trainer

  • Specialities: Weight Training, Power Lifting
  • Experience: 5 years experience

Jackson has always had a passion for sport, health and wellness.

A talented cricketer having played First X1 for St Kilda in Melbourne’s premier district competition he began his working life as a carpenter but in 2013 he decided to follow his true calling and so completed his cert 3 and 4 in Personal Training to pursue his dreams of a Personal Training career.

Jackson has a passion for powerlifting and has competed many times and is now ranked at an A grade level in that field.

He has completed Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 1 coaching accreditation and completed Powerlifting Australia’s accredited training course for coaches and has trained, worked and been mentored by some of Australia’s record holding power lifting and strength coaches so if you want to improve your Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift technique Jackson is your man.


Ben Horsley

Personal Trainer

  • Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning
  • Experience: 9 years experience

Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Sport Practice) in 2016 and soon after successfully completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Human Movement at Victoria University. Being a student of Victoria University, Ben was afforded the opportunity to intern at the Western Bulldogs Football Club, working within the club’s sports science department. Ben progressed to managing the VFL program’s sports science service and is about to enter his fourth season working for the club.

Ben’s commitment to constant learning and translate that knowledge into his client’s training programs will see him commence his PhD in the sport and exercise sciences in 2019.

Ben draws on his extensive experience working within the fitness industry, and his exposure to elite team-sport, to provide clients at Max Results with individualised and evidence-based training practices that help them achieve their health and fitness goals.


Todd Finn

Personal Trainer

  • Specialities: Running, Rehabilitation
  • Experience: 3 years experience

Todd graduated with a Bachelor of Sports Science (Exercise Science) In 2016 and is currently undertaking a Masters of Strength and Conditioning at Edith Cowan University. He has spent the last 3 years working in several fitness centres, schools and elite junior sports clubs, this has given him a unique knowledge of training diverse athletes and clients of varying ages and abilities.


Todd’s personal experience with sporting injuries has motivated him to seek knowledge and experience, to provide high-level strength and conditioning support to athletes and clients returning from minor to major injury. Currently, Todd is the Rehabilitation Coordinator for The Northern Knights FC’s U16 and U18’s team and has designed Geelong Grammar Schools Post ACL strength program, which has recently been implemented for athletes looking to return to sport.   

Todd has a keen interest in endurance sports and is currently a Cross Country Coach at Caulfield Grammar School. Strength training is lacking in many runners and triathletes programs (especially recreational athletes), Todd enjoys designing programs for this population to help prevent injury and maximize performance.  

Todd’s attention to detail, knowledge, and care for the client’s needs helps to ensure Max Results members get the most out of their training experience