21 Day Fitness Starter

Introduction into fitness

  • 6 x 60 Minute Group Cardio Sessions
  • Full Gym Membership Including Classes
  • Access to Elite Trainers & Pristine Facilities
  • One-off fee of $99

Group Cardio

Designed on our founding principles


  • Plans start from $34/week
  • Personal Training 1-2x a week
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Full Gym & Classes Membership
  • Access to Elite Trainers & Pristine Facilities

Weights PT


  • Customised program
  • Best value 
  • Private or semi-private classes
  • Access to trainers, facilities & classes
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Full Gym & Classes Membership

No Excuses 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

10 Small Group PT sessions (Max 6 ppl per group) Personalised Training Program
Easy to follow Fat Stripping nutrition plan CONSTANT access to Professionally qualified trainers
30 day full membership to Max Results FREE access to any Max Results Class
Average Weight LossMale: 6.8 KGFemale: 4.2 KG Join with a friend to both receive $50 OFF


No Excuses is our flagship program.

We believe that empowerment is the key to truly changing your life.

Empowerment comes from education and self-belief

We teach you how to exercise properly to make change

We teach you how to eat effectively to make change

We teach you that you are capable and have the ability to live a healthier, happier life

  • A can-do attitude, willing to expand your comfort zone
  • A readiness & willingness to achieve your fitness goals that you aspire to
  • Ready to commit to yourself, your training and your diet
  • Coachable, great listeners and a hard worker!
  • and able to attend training in West Brunswick.

This program is meant for all levels whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainer we are looking for your mentality and commitment rather than your skill level!

Join and take part in this 30 day all inclusive fitness program that so many others have achieved life transforming results from. ​ Only $99 a week for the duration of a month. What have you got to lose other than a few unwanted kg?

Call us on 0411 237 262 or use the sign up form to get started

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No Excuses is run every month with a cap of 15 people who are committed to lose extra weight, gain an edge in fitness and transform their lives

Before commencing the program, you will go through a one on one complimentary fitness assessment with one of our trainers to ascertain whether or not you are suitable to jump straight into No Excuses or if we recommend personal training to get you ready for it.

What you get in this program
How much does the program cost?
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Max Essentials

This is the program we believe is essential to create a healthy life and we encourage all our clients to commit to It encapsulates our mantra of ” train 4 x per week, watch what you eat”. 

Clients either train with our elite personal trainers once or twice a week dependent on their needs and budget and complement this with their own individual training program and Max Results classes.This mix ensures we can educate our clients how to train correctly whilst you take accountability for your health, fitness and ultimately your own life.Our experience has taught us that this methodology definitely produces the best results long term.​ Contact 0411 237 262 or contact us to book a complimentary assessment to determine the best package to meet your individual needs! 

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