About Us

We are a Personal Training Studio based in Brunswick West, Melbourne.

Once a rundown warehouse Max Results has created a pristine, high class training environment.

Matt Roberts, Managing Director has worked within the industry for 25 years, learning, expanding knowledge, refining skills, understanding human beings and learning what is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why Us?

Our model is based on our clients (you) training on a regular basis and achieving maximum results. Sharing your journey, supporting where needed and celebrating your successes.

Our studio reflects Matt’s key philosophy to a successful life – empowerment gained through education, action and self-reliance. Our fitness programs aim to cater to all types of clients and we personalize your training experience.

No Excuses

No Excuses is a “members only” program that we offer to our members at various times throughout the year,

It’s a 30day challenge designed to help our members get out of comfort zones, challenge limiting self-beliefs and take your training to all new levels.

Many of our members once they’ve found their feet in training with us have utilized this program to hit levels they never dreamed possible before starting with Max Results

Program includes

  • Full training program
  • 8 x 60min Cardio PT sessions
  • Fat stripping diet plan
  • Extra motivation, support, guidance and camaraderie
  • Cost is only $99 for the program, RRP IS $399