We are a Personal Training Studio based in Brunswick West, Melbourne.

Once a rundown warehouse Max Results has created a pristine, high class training environment.

Matt Roberts, Managing Director has worked within the industry for 25 years, learning, expanding knowledge, refining skills, understanding human beings and learning what is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Our model is based on our clients (you) training on a regular basis and achieving maximum results. Sharing your journey, supporting where needed and celebrating your successes.

You will have a personalised training program designed to specifically target your individual needs.

Personal Training should be just that, Personal and not a one size fits all approach. Our training model ensures a personalised experience for all our members.



We were one of the first in our industry back in 2013 to run a 30 day No Excuses program for our members. The problem with programs like No Excuses is, for most people it’s not sustainable. We often found that about day 20 of the challenge people were just looking for the finish line and itching to go back to how it was.

The onus fell on us. No Excuses was the program we created, and we needed to do better. We refused to buy into people’s impatience anymore.

So, we evolved and the “Max Results Body Composition program” was born.

We run through the protocols of how to change your body composition and it’s not complex. The industry has made it appear complex because it’s a billion-dollar industry and that doesn’t suit their needs.

We have been running this program since 2020 and its changed so many lives. We recommend that all our members go through this program once they have joined and found their feet with training and are ready to tackle nutrition.

The “Max Results Body Composition program” runs bi-monthly & is FREE for all members.


Past Programs: NO EXCUSES

No Excuses is a “members only” program that we used to offer to our members at various times throughout the year,

It’s was a 30day challenge designed to help our members get out of comfort zones, challenge limiting self-beliefs and take your training to all new levels.

Many of our members once they’ve found their feet in training with us have utilized this program to hit levels they never dreamed possible before starting with Max Results

Program included:

  • Full training program
  • 8 x 60min Cardio PT sessions
  • Fat stripping diet plan
  • Extra motivation, support, guidance and camaraderie
  • Cost was only $99 for the program, RRP IS $399