Cardio Personal Training from $36 per session

We used to do 1:1 Cardio Personal Training sessions, however, after tinkering with that format we found that clients had even better results training in small groups.

In these small groups (max 6 people) it’s still personal enough to give individual attention, evaluate and correct technique whilst ensuring that each client is being pushed to their appropriate level of fitness.

The added benefit of training in small groups is camaraderie, fun and healthy competition all designed to help you improve more quickly and at a reduced cost compared to 1:1 training.

Weights Personal Training from $41 per session

A few years ago we trialed 4:1 Weight Training Personal training sessions.

Frankly, we hated them!! From a trainer’s perspective it felt like being a traffic cop simply directing clients from one exercise to the next.

We quickly realized that its impossible to teach exercises and improve motor patterns in groups this size. So, we decided that weights personal training needed to be 1:1 or 2:1 max

This enabled our trainers to give the personalized attention that’s required to help each client safely and effectively progress which in turn leads to better outcomes and results for our clients

Another unique aspect of training at Max Results is that we offer a range of fantastic classes that we  believe set us apart from other Personal Training Studios and Big Box gyms.

We offer a dynamic variety of classes from Tour De Max, to Sweatmaster and MaxBooty there is sure to be a class that will meet your needs. Being an exclusive membership based PT studio our classes are much smaller than what you would find in a big box gym with it being quite normal to have only 4-6 participants in most classes so you truly do get great individual attention.

If you enroll for 2 PT sessions per week these are a FREE BONUS in your membership.

Studio Membership from $190 per week you can add it to your pt

Being over 200sqm and having all late model state of the art cardiovascular gym equipment and top-end strength training equipment we have the added advantage over smaller PT studios of being able to offer an environment where you can do all your training under one roof.   

You get the added bonus of having industry leading trainers on site all the time and a friendly, community based environment where people will know your name and treat you well.   

Our aim is for all clients to exercise 4 times per week, this normally consists of 1 or 2 sessions with your trainer and 2 sessions on your own with a personalized program your trainer has tailored to meet your specific needsWe have specifically kept the gym membership very reasonably priced to help reduce your costs

NB- We are first and foremost a Personal Training studio, and you must do a minimum 1 PT session perweek to be eligible for a gym membership

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