Rachel started with Max Results in 2014 after returning from her pictured holiday

She has lost a remarkable 20kg

And her running has improved dramatically

Rachel first started training with Max Results in September 2014 when she got back from the holiday pictured above and knew she had to make some changes to her lifestyle 

Rach started with our No Excuses 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge and had some good results, but she hadn’t fully accepted that exercising consistently and eating a healthy balanced diet needed to be a way of life. As such, her weight and exercise regime yo-yo’d through 2015.But Rach did the most important thing you can do in making change. She never quit!!!

“Everyone in the Max Results community has inspired me in their own way”


She persevered, she learnt more about herself, her capabilities, her strengths and weaknesses and she started realising she was in the drivers seat and started owning all her decisions. This took time but boy has it been worth it for Rach 

With food, the penny dropped, she started eating smaller portions and leaving food on her plate when she was full. 

She still ate out and never sacrificed enjoying her life but started doing that in moderation instead of daily. 
With exercise she tested boundaries and learnt to run, with perseverance and patience her running has improved dramatically and Rach recently completed her first fun run 

Rach has lost over 20kg from that first photo and is the healthiest, leanest and fitness she has been in her life
A remarkable effort and journey!