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  • Great gym with friendly staff and clients. Awesome environment for any type of person at any level of fitness.

    Daniel Gatt Avatar
    Daniel Gatt

    I started with Max Results in 2014. Having limited experience in a gym environment I was always very nervous and intimated at larger commercial gyms and that accompanied by a terrible diet full of junk food I found myself wanting & needing to change. Matt helped me tackle my fear of gyms and introduced me to a warm & friendly environment. He is also pushing me and encouraging me whether it be weights, cardio or circuit training. After completing his 30 day challenge I lost 6kgs and had a new found confidence. I have also completed the challenge about a year later and again lost just over 6kgs. I now really look forward to my group pt and seeing everyone at the gym. I've been training with Matt and the team for 2 + years and I'm really happy. The Max Results Team help you realise this isn't a short term goal but a lifestyle choice.

    Rachel Metelmann Avatar
    Rachel Metelmann
  • Perfectly built program to tackle all your problems, lost almost 7kg in 5 weeks. Matt and the team are so easily approachable and willing to help with everything!

    John Kanellos Avatar
    John Kanellos

    Max results is nothing like a normal Gym ! its a place where you feel welcomed encouraged and pushed every step of the way to reach your best everyone at the gym is friendly and it feels more like a max results family ! Matt always follows up on where you are if your not coming to classes ive been at Max results for around a year now and if you push yourself and do what Matt puts in place you will see results no fad diets or ridiculous work outs just eat right and train . if you're looking to change your life sign up now !! you wont regret it

    Taylor Brogan Avatar
    Taylor Brogan
  • Max Results provides a welcoming, supportive and encouraging environment for pursuing your health and wellbeing goals. The facilities are always impeccably clean and equipment is well maintained. If you want to feel part of a group committed to wellness, then this is the place for you!

    Jane Kluske Avatar
    Jane Kluske

    Before I trained at Max Results, I hated any gym I went to; I never enjoyed the vibe, classes or trainers. But then I found Max Results. Training here has honestly changed my whole perception on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I am now committed to working out 4 days a week - no excuses! I'm buying smaller clothes, my mind is clearer, and my body aches & pains are almost non-existent. Do yourself a favour & join!

    isobel loschiavo Avatar
    isobel loschiavo
  • These guys are the best!! Matt is so encouraging and Bill is incredibly supportive. They also maintain a wonderfully friendly atmosphere.

    Peter Roberts Avatar
    Peter Roberts

    Max Results is definitely a gym you should come, see and try out. It's well equipped, the trainers are encouraging and it has a great friendly vibe about the place. Also their 30 day No Excuses program is a fantastic way to get yourself back into action.

    Angela Jklawlsmss a Avatar
    Angela Jklawlsmss a
  • Max Results PT program has helped me lose over 4kgs in the last 5 weeks by assisting me with my nutrition and providing a top quality fitness program.

    Matt, Bill & Brendan are enthusiastic and incredibly motivational.

    Do yourself a favour and get involved!

    Evan Cole Avatar
    Evan Cole

    Max results is a clean and well-equipped gym with a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

    Ursus Mega Avatar
    Ursus Mega

Why Max Results?

At MAX RESULTS, we pride ourselves in offering our gym members the most professional and results-driven fitness services in Brunswick, customised to help you achieve your unique goals!

Trust The Pros

With decades of professional experience and knowledge, our personal trainers are highly educated with multiple professional degrees (including a Post-Graduate Masters in Sports Science). We know how to help you achieve MAXIMUM training results!

A Clean & Friendly Environment

All our equipment is kept in pristine condition. Our gym also nurtures a friendly environment of people who’ll encourage you to reach your personal goals.

We Care.

Our life’s mission is to guide you in leading a healthier, happier life for yourself and your loved ones. We care in seeing you succeed. This is not ‘just a job’ to us.


We Get MAX RESULTS for Adults of All Ages and Fitness Levels.

Meet your Personal Trainers!

Matt Roberts

Specialities: Weight Loss

Experience: 20+ years in the fitness industry, occupying many leadership roles.

Founder & Director of MAX RESULTS.  

Creator of the successful ‘No Excuses 30-Day Challenge‘ program, which has helped hundreds of people live better, fitter lives.

Marco Serruto

Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning

Experience: 6+ years

Personal Trainer  

Marco’s cutting-edge training techniques learnt at both his Masters course and practical work placements in the sports sector make him a valued addition to the Max Results team.

Ann Moore

Specialities: Exercise Physiologist

Experience: 5+ years

Personal Trainer  

With her extensive background in Exercise Physiology, Ann believes in taking a practical approach to training with an emphasis on educating people about safe and effective exercise for their individual needs.

Dene Rodger

Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning

Experience: 8+ years

Personal Trainer  

Armed with a Masters of Strength and Conditioning, Dene thrives on introducing many professional training protocols that have enriched many of our fitness programs. He has also worked extensively in the elite sport sector with various VFL teams for the last 4 years. Dene’s friendly and outgoing nature has made him very popular amongst our gym members..

… and other experienced MAX RESULTS professionals here to help YOU achieve your fitness goals!

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