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  • Max Results provides a welcoming, supportive and encouraging environment for pursuing your health and wellbeing goals. The facilities are always impeccably clean and equipment is well maintained. If you want to feel part of a group committed to wellness, then this is the place for you!

    Jane Kluske

    Max Results is definitely a gym you should come, see and try out. It's well equipped, the trainers are encouraging and it has a great friendly vibe about the place. Also their 30 day No Excuses program is a fantastic way to get yourself back into action.

    Angela Jklawlsmss a
  • I could seriously write an essay about what Matt Roberts has done for me over the years of knowing him. Meeting Matt when I was a teenager he trained me for a couple of years at Re-Creation Gym in Essendon. We lost touch but, were re-connected in September last year where I completed a NO EXCUSES 30 day challenge with him. Not only did I loose 6kg but, I came out of the challenge with a different mind set and I have now made a bunch of new friends that I see on a weekly basis that have the same goals I do and love training like I do. This makes PT so much easier... this was what I need in a gym. I couldn't recommend Matt and Max Results anymore if I tried. He will become a great trainer that pushes you to your limits even when you feel like crap but, most of all he becomes a GREAT FRIEND!!!!

    Melissa Rogers

    Max Results PT program has helped me lose over 4kgs in the last 5 weeks by assisting me with my nutrition and providing a top quality fitness program.
    Matt, Bill & Brendan are enthusiastic and incredibly motivational.
    Do yourself a favour and get involved!

    Evan Cole
  • Before I trained at Max Results, I hated any gym I went to; I never enjoyed the vibe, classes or trainers. But then I found Max Results. Training here has honestly changed my whole perception on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I am now committed to working out 4 days a week - no excuses! I'm buying smaller clothes, my mind is clearer, and my body aches & pains are almost non-existent. Do yourself a favour & join!

    isobel loschiavo

    Great location in brunswick. Nice and clean facilities. Seems to have great clientele. Everyone is always upbeat and in a great mood. The trainers are all fun and friendly and know how to get the best out of you. Would recommend Max Results to anyone!

    Aaron Gibbs

Why Max Results?

At MAX RESULTS, we pride ourselves in offering our gym members the most professional and results-driven fitness services in Brunswick, customised to help you achieve your unique goals!

Trust The Pros

With decades of professional experience and knowledge, our personal trainers are highly educated with multiple professional degrees (including a Post-Graduate Masters in Sports Science). We know how to help you achieve MAXIMUM training results!

A Clean & Friendly Environment

All our equipment is kept in pristine condition. Our gym also nurtures a friendly environment of people who’ll encourage you to reach your personal goals.

We Care.

Our life’s mission is to guide you in leading a healthier, happier life for yourself and your loved ones. We care in seeing you succeed. This is not ‘just a job’ to us.


We Get MAX RESULTS for Adults of All Ages and Fitness Levels.

Meet your Personal Trainers!

Matt Roberts

Specialities: Weight Loss

Experience: 20+ years in the fitness industry, occupying many leadership roles.

Founder & Director of MAX RESULTS.  

Creator of the successful ‘No Excuses 30-Day Challenge‘ program, which has helped hundreds of people live better, fitter lives.

Marco Serruto

Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning

Experience: 6+ years

Personal Trainer  

Marco’s cutting-edge training techniques learnt at both his Masters course and practical work placements in the sports sector make him a valued addition to the Max Results team.

Ann Moore

Specialities: Exercise Physiologist

Experience: 5+ years

Personal Trainer  

With her extensive background in Exercise Physiology, Ann believes in taking a practical approach to training with an emphasis on educating people about safe and effective exercise for their individual needs.

Dene Rodger

Specialities: Weight Training, Conditioning

Experience: 8+ years

Personal Trainer  

Armed with a Masters of Strength and Conditioning, Dene thrives on introducing many professional training protocols that have enriched many of our fitness programs. He has also worked extensively in the elite sport sector with various VFL teams for the last 4 years. Dene’s friendly and outgoing nature has made him very popular amongst our gym members..

… and other experienced MAX RESULTS professionals here to help YOU achieve your fitness goals!

Max Results PT Instagram

Instagram post 17928846949390055 Check out the latest chat between Matt and @thehumanmanager as they discuss the importance of perspective in not only covid-19 but everyday life. Link in comments #perspective#human#mentalhealth#gratitude#wellness#brunswick
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Instagram post 17873124991720020 Dan shared some exciting news this morning... Now (finally) it’s Max Results turn to share some exciting news too. There’s been a bit of work going on behind the scenes getting all ours plans and visions together and waiting for the go ahead from the Government. We’ll be letting you know tomorrow what they are!👏😁🥳☀️ One things for sure... WE’RE EXCITED!!! . . . . . . . . . #brunswick #brunswickwest #maxresults #pt #personaltraining #personaltraining #Moreland #mooneevalley #staytuned
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Instagram post 17912416795421552 Check out the latest instalment (link below) @thehumanmanager and Matt Roberts who discuss adaptation and what they hope to keep, add and discard post covid #copingwithcovid#mentalhealth#growthmindset#personaltraining#brunswick#mooneeponds#melbourne
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Instagram post 17872042381712290 Here’s our class timetable for the week with our FREE CLASSES We would love to see as many people as possible get in and have a go at these classes this week Remember our motto “Train 4 x per week, watch what you eat” They are uploaded at the times mentioned but stay up all day in our online program and you can do them whenever suits. Comments, likes, shares etc make us feel motivated too and give us encouragement and positive reinforcement so we love seeing them Have a great week
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Instagram post 17843969723128544 It’s a different world right now, but, the 🔑 is to adjust and adapt @marco_strengthandperformance putting @isobel.loschiavo @angela.mills and @janekluske through their paces in a zoom PT session recently. Love it 💪🏿💪🏿
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Instagram post 17878094752610630 Check out a new segment between Mark LeBusque and Matt Roberts PT. Mark is a renowned corporate speaker and is well known for bringing the “human” into workplaces with stunning results. In this inaugural episode Mark chews the fat with Matt with some great thoughts on mindset, perspective and our “bad news” filing cabinet . Link to video in comments #mindset#pt#positivemindset #copingwithcovid#healthy#brunswick
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In 2017-18, 2 in 3 Australian adults were overweight or obese (source Australian Government- Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). It’s a national epidemic...

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